Activities in the village

The animals in Fagerhult
The grey sheep, Gotland sheep, keep the landscape open. The lambs are born in april and then they play around in the meadows all summer, looked after by their mothers.

Ikon: SjöThe forest
Around the houses there are many cherry trees. It is easy to find wild strawberries here and there. Behind the meadows is the large old forest with beaten tracks. Late summer usually offers different kinds of berries and mushrooms in the forest.

Ikon: SjöFishing
You can go fishing by the little lake just below the houses, Fagerhultegöl. There are dace, small perch and pike. You need a fishing licence, which is also valid in the larger Lake Hallången three kilometres from here. In Lake Åsunden, five kilometres from Fagerhult, you also may get pikeperch, burbot and bream. Fishing license for South Åsunden is available at Hycklinge Bensin and Service. License for the entire Lake Åsunden you can buy at Kinda Tourist Office in Kisa, telephone +46 (0)494 19410. Pricees: Family licence for two weeks SEK 100, day license SEK 40.

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Ikon: SjöSwimming
The best place for families is Lake Hallången. It is three kilometres from Fagerhult. Changing room, tables and seats. You also can swim in the small lake in Fagerhult, where we have a long bridge and a raft.

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