About Fagerhult

Fagerhults by idag

The village

There is information about Fagerhult even from the 16th century. In registers of population from the 18th century you find that many people used to live here. They were farmer families, farm maidens and field hands, and for example a shoemaker and a blacksmith. In the forest there were cottages with small fields, belonging to Fagerhult.


Today the village contains two farms. Upper farm and Lower farm. The barns are old, the oldest part is supposed to be from the 17th century. Except from the two farm houses there also are two smaller houses. They all have electricity, kitchen and bathroom with WC and shower. In a house for our guests you find washing machine and sauna.

Fagerhults by idag

Cherry Tree Valley

Around the farms in the meadows cherry trees grow. In springtime Fagerhult looks like the Cherry Tree Valley, as described by Astrid Lindgren in her book about The Brothers Lionheart. Later on the trees offer you different kinds of cherries: red, yellow and black. Just help yourself!

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